Circuit Breaker Gearbox

Product Description

The ZHAOWEI Micro Drive System is used for automatic circuit-reclosing, i.e., a small circuit breaker. The multi-stage helical worm gear helps enhance the system’s service life and performance of automatic circuit-reclosing, and executes the intelligent opening and closing of circuit breakers. An intelligent reclosing device, or circuit breaker, is normally installed as an effective anti-accident measure on overhead power lines - not applicable to general cable power lines. In other words, when the line fails, the relay protection causes the circuit breaker to trip. The automatic reclosing device recloses the circuit after a short time period, thereby improving power supply reliability of the power system. Line faults, usually caused by lightning strikes, wind damage, etc., are temporary. After the circuit breaker trips, the insulation performance, consisting of insulators and air gaps, of the line can be restored, and the recloser can then reclose the circuit.


  1. Enhances the effectiveness of transmission lines.
  2. Improving the stability of system operation.
  3. Avoids accidental-circuit breaker tripping.
  4. Speeds up voltage recovery of the power system after accidental tripping. 


In addition to circuit breaker, we also provide solutions for conveyor electric drum, peristaltic pump feed mixer, switch valve, control valve, electric screwdrivers, seismic testing equipment and vending machine.   

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