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Vending Machine Gearbox

Vending Machine

The development of smart, unmanned supermarkets has increased the demand for vending machines, and even more so, convenient equipment. Different types of vending machines, including bread vending machines, perfume vending machines, cosmetics vending machines, mobile phone vending machines, etc., have also increased the demand for commodities. New payment methods, such as Alipay and WeChat Pay, enable digital transactions, which simplifies the purchasing process via vending machines. Various vending machines have become indispensable in subway stations, railway stations, cinemas, streets, canteens, restaurants, etc.


Smooth, stable, and low-noise operations significantly impacts vending machine sales. ZHAOWEI develops gearboxes, specifically for vending machines, which feature extended service life, low noise, and smooth operation.

Vending Machine Gearbox

The vending machine gearbox here has been customized according to the client’s requirements. This is purely shown as an example. It is not used for other commercial purposes, or sold to a third party.

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