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All-screen Phone Camera Gearbox

ZHAOWEI 3.4mm, 4mm and 6mm small planetary gearbox drive systems can be used with the motor reduction of full screen mobile phone cameras. The camera can rotate to the front and back, to different angles, pop up, etc.

All-screen Phone Camera

Micro Pushrod Gear Motor

Micro Pushrod Gear Motor


On a full screen mobile phone, where should the camera be placed?

Project Introduction

ZHAOWEI offers gear motor camera phone often used (3.4mm, 4mm and 6mm) for the rotation and lifting of full-screen mobile phone, making it possible for the camera to rotate to the front or back, different angles, pop-up, etc.

Feature 1

The front camera is hidden in the screen. Lenses are often a necessity, so the first half of the lens must be very small. ZHAOWEI has adopted a 3.4mm stepper motor camera phone to provide the power source and a 4mm planetary gearbox (reducer) to reduce the high-speed output by the motor, thus reducing speed and increasing torque.

All-screen Phone Camera Gearbox

Feature 2

Remove the front camera and enable the back camera to rotate and lift. How can front camera be hidden? It follows the same concept as the phone’s side-mounted fingerprint sensor. Specifically, we’ve used a mechanical device to turn the front camera of the phone into the rear camera, or the other way around. This system is not only convenient but also improves photo quality.

Feature 3

Full -screen phones with curved surface comes into sight. What is used here is the worm planetary gearbox technology in the drive system of the lifting camera. Applying the tailor-made planetary gearbox with the micro stepper motor to the camera enables phone cameras with any screen to rotate without taking up space.

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