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Gear Motor for Self-sensing Base Station Antenna

Gear Motor for Self-sensing Base Station Antenna

The issue of effectively monitoring and managing antennas in real time has long been a problem faced by operators. Scattered stations and a large number of antennas with multiple operators and systems sharing electric towers and antenna resources is the norm. Relying on manual operation not only expends resources but also creates problems such as time spent trying to reach difficult locations, non-responsive network optimization, and low efficiency. All of these things can affect the image of network operators.

Project Background

With the development of science and technology and the background of 5G network expansion, the uses of traffic based on the Internet of things (IoT) will continue to increase. Products ranging from bracelets and smartwatches to electric cars and vast cross-sea bridges will continue to be connected with the network. As such, required upgrades of network traffic put forth higher requirements for each network operator. With 5G, a high-definition movie can be downloaded in just a few seconds at full speed, plus, 5G networks offer lower latency and faster buffering times. 5G networks can provide higher bandwidth, enabling access to more home and commercial devices.


Gear Motors for Self-sensing Base Station Antenna Tilt Angle Adjustment


This system can store information about antenna identity and discern antenna engineering parameters (antenna azimuth pointing, mechanical down tilt, altitude, latitude and longitude, etc.) while maintaining the adjustment history of network optimization. It meets the requirements of AISG2.0 and its extended protocol and makes it possible to directly monitor the information about antenna parameters in real time remotely on the back end. Both horizontal and vertical angle adjustable functions help operators quickly adjust wireless network optimization and intelligently manage the back-end database, greatly enhancing the efficiency and quality of network optimization. The gear motor for self-sensing base station antenna tilt angle adjustment by ZHAOWEI has the following two features:

  1. Planetary gear design is used. The spindle drive consists of an inner tube and an outer tube. The push-rod motor and planetary gearhead in the inner tube drives the threaded spindle which is fixed on the screw nut inside the outer tube. The electric pillar pushrod uses the electric spindle located in the antenna motor inside the pillar to intelligently adjust the elevation angle direction of the base station antenna according to the user’s bandwidth flow. This drive system facilitates different ranges of coverage for convenience and practicality.
  2. 2.The antenna gear and tooth profile of the whole base station antenna have been modified and material is selected to be more temperature-resistant to prevent performance from being affected by climate changes. Thus, products adapt to various environments and have a higher quality and longer service life.


More intelligent antenna management and optimization of the base station can reduce operation costs and improve maintenance efficiency. With the increasingly complex network, the improvement of intelligent components such as the electronic speed control (ESC) module and self-sensing module can make the network operation and maintenance more intelligent. Coverage can greatly improve the reliability of the network which can lead to a larger operating market.

Gear motors for antenna system adjustment developed and produced by ZHAOWEI feature high precision, high efficiency, a long service life, heat & moisture resistance, and high stability.

The self-sensing antenna system will become a key feature of mobile communication antennas in the post-4G era. Companies able to solve issues related to antenna base stations are sure to occupy a larger market share.

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