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Our product structure
According to the number of stages of the transmission can be divided into single-stage gearbox and multi-stage gearbox. Our products are low voltage, low power, low noise, long life, high torque, small size and customizable!
Customized process
Design product as customer requirements→Analyse mold flow→Design mould →Verify prototype→Injection molding→Test product→Produce products→Assembly products→Package products→Transportation,In every manufacturing process we pass strict quality inspection and control to guarantee product quality.ZHAOWEI provides services of transmission solution design, mold manufacturing, parts production and assembly.
Micro-gear drive system
ZHAOWEI is a manufacturer of micro-gear drive system solutions, and our products are micro,large torque,low noise and customizable,which can match with various motor,achieving micro gear drive.
  • High precision

    We has many sets of high-precision production and testing equipment.

  • Adaptability

    ZHAOWEI adopts a gearbox design platform to optimize the structure of the gearbox, so that the gearbox can adapt to the running environment of various motors. And we can custom product according to requirements.

  • Good performance

    Resistant to vibration,low noise,smooth operation,long service life,low power consumption.

  • Multi-stage drive

    Multi-stage transmission mechanism can achieve small volume, large torque, and improve sensitivity and intelligence.

Custom your product online
ZHAOWEI can solve the challenges of micre-gear drive systems quickly and economically.With the existing gearbox solutions, we can quickly design and develop gearbox solutions according to your requirements.We provide efficient services according to requirements.
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