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ZHAOWEI Drive System Fuels the 5G Race Powerfully

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ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd. has proudly introduced the drive system to fuel the 5G race powerfully. 5G is inspiring the future while the drive system for 5G base stations provided by ZHAOWEI featuring high precision, high torque, and low noise are also ready for building a connected and intelligent world.

By 2025, Ericsson is expecting the number of 5G subscribers worldwide to hit 2.6 billion, fueled by a fast-developing ecosystem and strong growth momentum. 5G technology features high speeds, strong reliability, and negligible latency. It will impact every industry, making safer transportation, remote healthcare, precision agriculture, digitized logistics, etc. The higher performance and improved efficiency together with 5G’s comprehensive connectivity to the IoT are paving the way for new applications. Complying with this trend, ZHAOWEI provides a dedicated drive system consisting of gear motors to fuel the 5G race powerfully.

ZHAOWEI Drive System Fuels the 5G Race Powerfully

Today, significant activities are being undertaken to meet the demands of the coming 5G revolution. Before 5G can be deployed commercially on a large scale, engineers have to solve some stubborn problems like how to monitor and manage the base station antennas effectively and how to avoid the theft of components in the base station cabinet.

Drive System for Self-sensing Base Station Antenna

In the past, relying on manual operation not only costs plenty of resources but also leads to the problems such as time-consuming trouble location, not responsive network optimization and low efficiency, thus affecting the image of the network operator. However, ZHAOWEI antenna gear motors empower operators to quickly adjust the wireless network optimization and intelligently manage the back-end database, thus enhancing the efficiency and quality of network optimization.

The self-sensing base station antenna drive system adopts a high-precision planetary gear design which contributes to a compact size, high torque, and low noise. It makes it possible for storing the information about antenna identity, perceiving the antenna engineering parameters including antenna azimuth pointing, mechanical downtilt, altitude, latitude and longitude, etc., and keeping the adjustment records of network optimization. It is no longer difficult to directly monitor the information about antenna parameters in real time remotely so that different ranges can be covered conveniently. Besides, the antenna gear and tooth profile of the whole base station antenna has been modified and the material is selected to be more temperature-resistant. Thus, 5G products can adapt to various environments with higher quality and longer service life.

5G Antenna Gearbox

The one who can take advantage of ZHAOWEI drive system to solve the problems of antenna base stations may occupy a larger market.

Drive System for Base Station Cabinet Locks

Driven by the 5G era, the number of base stations is continuously increasing. Most of the communication base stations are installed outdoors which usually contain plenty of cabinets. However, the theft of components such as battery packs, cables and copper bars in the base station cabinets occurs frequently. This results in major economic losses to network operators and leads to communication and network interruption. How to effectively solve the security of unattended base stations has become an urgent problem that should be solved.

In order to improve safety and reliability, ZHAOWEI designs and develops the drive system for base station cabinet locks. Different stages of transmission are available and different parameters can be customized according to different requirements of the base station cabinet locks. Once the information is transmitted, the corresponding feedback will be sent by issuing various commands to the circuit board that can accept the Bluetooth information. It contributes to easy monitoring and control. Then the motor starts to drive the gear as well as the straight rack, and pushes the bolt up and down, enabling the switch function. ZHAOWEI drive system for base station intelligent locks can directly work with the lock cylinder to form the system to fight against electromagnetic interference. Based on the various analysis, this drive system has been proven to be effective in achieving anti-interference and anti-magnetic performance.

Based on Embedded Technology, the base station cabinet lock collects data through IoT sensors such as RFID, and then transmits the collected data to the controller for processing. After processing, the entire terminal operates via various sensors including GSM SMS reminder and RFID identification to detect security alarms in time and remind relevant personnel to deal with the problems. Therefore, the security of base station lock management can be achieved.

5G Starts a Technology Revolution

A lot of expectations are riding on 5G, for good reason. ZHAOWEI is always keen to enhance user experience starting by offering ideal drive systems. “Our drive systems for 5G applications represent the continued effort that helps our customers stay ahead of the curve and create better experiences related to 5G technology.” spoke the project manager of ZHAOWEI, “With an uncompromising awareness for quality, ZHAOWEI firmly strives to offer good products and customizable services for wider applications. This time is no exception.”

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