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Gearboxes for Automatic Feeder

The cost of agriculture continues to increase year on year, most notably, in the increasing costs of artificial feeding. As labor costs continue to rise, the margins on pig-farming become tighter. ZHAOWEI is here to offer a solution. By replacing artificial feeding with an intelligent, automatic feeding gearbox system, costs are reduced.

Feeding is normally controlled manually. Uneven feeding portions and manual duty limit the feeder response time, causing the feeder to fail operating automatically and smoothly. The cleaning process then takes at least two hours, which is both time-consuming and labor-intensive, thus restricting the feeder's work efficiency. With continuous advancements in technology intelligence, the fully-automated feeder system available in the market now enables large-scale feeders to quantify intelligent feeding efficiency. In a nutshell, intelligent feeding not only reduces labor intensity and labor costs, but also gives automated-feeding full autonomy.

ZHAOWEI Gearbox Control System makes intelligent feeding smoother

The internal transmission system manages and improves efficiency. The main features of the gearbox for automatic feeder developed by ZHAOWEI include motor diameter, output shaft speed, reduction ratio, power, etc. The gear transmission of the automatic feeder motor provides little variation range in slip rate, and can quickly and accurately supply food for pigs.

Automatic feeding is an opportunity in the intelligence era

The extensive and centralized cultivation in today's pig farming industry in large-scale farms is a norm. To solve breeding problems expansively at reduced costs, intelligent feeding technology needs to be adopted by the industry. It is also an important industrial-management means to realize the profitability of centralized breeding.

ZHAOWEI develops gearbox systems for automatic feeders in various forms to support the application of smart feeding technology. ZHAOWEI also offers flexible, customized services, to help the adoption of smart feeding technology, based on the parameter requirements of different feeders.

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