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Electric Screwdriver Gearbox

Tools like screwdrivers are commonly used for assembly and disassembly. With manual screwdrivers, we manually screw the screws straight into the hole on our own. But this might not be the best way to go about it. Although we can tighten the screws, this approach can actually damage precision instruments.

With the advancement of technology, many electric screwdrivers which aim at maintaining precision instruments have come on the market. The adjustment function enables users to adjust the torque as needed and maintain precision instruments without damaging the screws. However, these electric screwdrivers have the disadvantage of not screwing well or tight. 

That’s where ZHAOWEI comes in. The ZHAOWEI micro-drive system can be used with electric screwdrivers. It has two-stage, three-stage, and four-stage transmission changes available to choose from. The reduction ratio, output speed, and torque can be selected based on your needs. Its compact structure and high efficiency help create a better tightening function.

ZHAOWEI Micro Drive System Applied to Electric Screwdrivers

Electric screwdrivers need a high torque with a compact size. Through the analysis of the functional requirements of the electric screwdriver, a planetary gearbox can be used to achieve forward and reverse rotation and adjustment, thus tightening and loosening screws.

In terms of safety, safe self-locking can be achieved using the reduction gearbox and the screw rod. If it is detected that the screwdriver is twisted manually, and the internal self-locking structure will automatically open to avoid damage to the motor.

The electric screwdriver has a twist-proof function that evenly rotates to prevent damage to its components due to excessive force. If you’re looking for increased efficiency in disassembling things, an electric screwdriver is a good choice. Electric screwdrivers are suitable for disassembling quartz watches, cameras, radios, computers, mobile phones, drones, and other conventional household appliances.

For electronic DIY enthusiasts, noise can be a big problem. To reduce noise, we’ve implemented coefficient distribution for each gearbox for electric screwdrivers, optimizing the calculation of the meshing angle, slip rate, and coincidence check to improve efficiency and service life while reducing noise. Finite element analysis technology is adopted to analyze and check the tooth surface strength of spiral teeth and bevel gears, which improves the stability of electric screwdriver gearboxes.

Electric Screwdriver Gearbox

Electric Screwdriver Gearbox

12V Gear Motor

12V Gear Motor

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