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Sensor Pump Gear Motor

Hand sanitizing/washing has received considerable emphasis since the COVID-19 outbreak. The sensor pump are hands-free,  joining in the fight against the diseases. We have found that some automatic sensor soap pumps from more famous manufacturers still have their own shortcomings. Functions such as lack of soap control, and excessive foam output leads to increased waste. The ZHAOWEI Micro Drive System is here to provide a solution.

Hand sanitizer/soap automatically pumps out once hands are detected in the sensing area of the sensor pump, which effectively avoids contamination from subsequent users. A sensor is located next to the hole of the spray, as well as below the pump, allowing hand sanitizer/soap to automatically flow out.

As a manufacturer of smart home drive systems, ZHAOWEI meets market demands by providing micro drive systems for sensor pumps. The gear motor of the sensor pump allows for an intelligent stream and maximized supply. The gear motors have great stability, low volume, lower energy consumption and produce low-noise.

Sensor Pump Gear Motor

Enable more possibilities

The motor control module for sensor pumps from ZHAOWEI is installed at the base of the hand washing machine. The motor control module comprises of a micro motor and plastic gears. The gear pump helps to rectify liquid backflow and output flow. Compared to a traditional soap dispenser, the sensor pump enabled by the drive system is more cost-effective, as hand sanitizer can easily be refilled inside, and changed accordingly. It is now possible to maximize the output of hand sanitizer before requiring a refill.

ZHAOWEI  gear drive module makes sensor pump more valuable

Traditional soap dispensers on the market typically cannot be filled/refilled directly because of their relatively simple mechanical structures. A narrow tube is normally inserted into the bottom of the soap dispenser bottle. The hand sanitizer pumps from the bottom of the bottle upwards. The internal pressure of the sealed container, combined with the function of the sensor, produces foam.

In order to control the flow of liquid in the sensor pump, a micro motor is packaged in the drive module. Combined with the gear structure, the sensor pump controls the outflow more stably, improves foam efficiency, reduces noise production, and enhancing service life, ultimately increasing each pump's value.

Urgent market demand

The COVID-19 outbreak has raised further health and hygiene awareness, and the demand for small household appliances with disinfecting functions will increase. To make them more intelligent, ZHAOWEI provides customized electronic drive modules for home appliance manufacturers.

* The aforementioned sensor pump gear motor was designed and developed for a specific client, and used only as an example. Besides selling standard products, ZHAOWEI also provides design, research and customization for clients based on their specific requirements.

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