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Self-Coagulation Knife Gearbox (SUCO Pump)

When it comes to medical gearboxes, the self-coagulation knife gearbox should have high reliability, low noise, and high precision.

Self Coagulation Knife Gearbox (SUCO Pump)

Project Description

For cysts, abscesses, effusions, and blood clots, the SUCO pump at the tip of the suction port sucks into the diseased tissue under the guidance of the B-ultrasound. Due to the close fit between the spiral needle core and the inner wall of the punctured tube, the suction port and the discharge port of the SUCO pump are divided into multiple sealed curved surfaces. When the SUCO pump starts, the vacuum suction effect begins due to the high-speed rotation of the needle core and the Archimedes' principle. These sealed spaces on the suction side of the SUCO pump are constantly changing, and the lesion is sucked by the punctured tube. The suctioning position moves along the spiral. The suctioning part continuously flows to the exhaust port along the axial direction of the needle core. The lesion in the sealed cavity is continuously discharged.

The ZHAOWEI micro-drive system can be used with self-coagulation knives, which can improve transmission efficiency and lower noise during use.

The gearbox for self-coagulation knife mentioned above has been developed for specific customers. It can also be customized according to customer requirements.

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