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Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Gearbox

Hypertension is one of the leading causes of many cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. As hypertension becomes more and more common, wrist blood pressure monitors are widely used in clinics and families due to their small size, ease of use, and fast speed. The wrist blood pressure monitors measure the pulse pressure of the arteries of the wrist. If the blood pressure monitor wristband is not fastened, the measured value will be biased. The ZHAOWEI gearbox enables wrist ensures that blood pressure monitors are stable, comfortable, and convenient.


ZHAOWEI gearboxes for wrist blood pressure monitors make blood pressure monitoring more convenient. You can easily check blood pressure using one hand. When the wristband is on, the sensor will sense that it is about to be used. The ZHAOWEI gearbox then enables the wrist blood pressure monitor to contract. When the sensor senses that the output force of the gearbox has reached a specific number (elastic tension), it will stop automatically. It will then start measuring blood pressure, and intelligently release the wristband (reverse) after the test is finished.

The wrist blood pressure uses 24V DC power supply since the drive motor is a 24V permanent magnet DC motor. Once connected to the power supply, the motor rotates and will be decelerated due to the planetary gearbox. A nut is fixed on the inner tube. After the screw rotates, the nut will move forwards and backwards on the screw, as will the inner tube. By switching the positive and negative poles of 24V DC, the motor will rotate in the forward or reverse direction, thereby achieving the stretch/retract (elastic) effect of the wrist blood pressure monitor.

Low Noise

While wrist blood pressure monitors sometimes have a stable test performance, they create a buzzing noise during use. The ZHAOWEI gearbox for blood pressure monitors is made of POM material, which is self-lubricating. This greatly reduces the noise of the product.

Wrist blood pressure monitors has great market potential, but some are concerned about the service. To improve the service life and quality of the product, ZHAOWEI has used kinematics simulation to verify the smoothness and local interference of the gear pairs during the gearbox design stage. At the same time, finite element analysis technology is used to analyze and check the tooth surface strength of spiral teeth and bevel gears. Cavity pressure technology is used to monitor quality and detect changes in cavity pressure during injection molding.

Planetary Gearbox

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor

POM Material

POM Material

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