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Gearbox for Head-up Display

The ZHAOWEI flip drive system can be applied to the design and customization of the head-up display flip screen gearbox. The flip gearbox is connected to the support frame. The motor makes the entire HUD screen flip mechanism rotate around the center of rotation, which then causes the HUD screen to rotate. The flip angle of the screen can be intelligently controlled for an appropriate display location for users of different heights.

The head-up display shows important information on the holographic half mirror on the windshield, including the driving speed, water temperature, and more. This allows the driver to see important information clearly at a glance without having to look down. The head-up display improves driving safety, but head-up displays on the market have bugs. For example, while driving, the angle of the head-up display isn’t appropriate and the information displayed on the display cannot be seen when sitting with a normal posture. These bugs lead to a decrease in overall safety.

Through the analysis of the head-up display flip screen structure, we found that there are two sets of transmission routes which are fulfilled by the reversing effect of the reversing mechanism on the support of the display. One set of the transmission routes is the input shaft, the reversing mechanism, and the forward gear train. The other is the input shaft, the reversing mechanism, the reverse gear train, and the output gear. When the forward gear train is involved in the transmission, the output gear rotates forward. When the reverse gear is involved in the transmission, the output gear will rotate in reverse. Output gear steering can be achieved through the conversion of the above two sets of transmission routes, which avoids excessive load and damage to the gear and stabilizes the head-up display angle during driving. It significantly improves driving safety.

Gearbox for Head-up Display

The gearbox for the head-up display flip screen has two-stage, three-stage, and four-stage transmission changes. The reduction ratio, input speed, and torque of the gearbox can be altered and adjusted according to transmission requirements.

Features of Gearbox for HUD Flip Screens

  1. Transmission: fast speed adjustment, smooth rotation
  2. Small size: the diameter can as small as 3.4mm.
  3. Precision: high precision and low backlash
  4. Long service life: long continuous transmission time
  5. Transmission efficiency: high efficiency

Future Trends

More and more manufacturers are getting involved in the HUD field, greatly increasing its importance ZHAOWEI is able to customize drive systems for head-up display flip screens based on customer requests.

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