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Instrument Panel Gearbox

With widespread use of the latest digital electronic systems and computer technologies in automobile engines and vehicle control systems, manufacturers are turning towards the development and production of electronic display systems. During the mass production of automobile instruments, new problems have occurred, including instability of the stepper motor, jittering of the pointer, and noise during use.

Electronic Speedodometers and Mechanical Speedodometers

Modern cars are capable of driving at high speeds and odometers driven by flexible shafts face many challenges. The flexible shaft rotates at a high speed, and its movement lag is limited by the alternating stress of the steel wire. High-speed vehicles are usually faced with fatigue fractures in the steel wire, thereby rendering it useless.

It’s for this reason that electronic speedometers have gained popularity. Electronic speedometers have the same function as mechanical speedometers, but their principle is fundamentally different. Electronic speedometers use a stepper motor to control the mechanical mileage recording mechanism (counter). The stepper motor is controlled by the output signal of the Hall sensor installed in the gearbox.

The stepper motor runs using a special integrated circuit, and the speed of the stepper motor is associated with the speed of the gearbox output shaft. Electronic speedometers have many advantages, so it’s only natural that they’ve gradually replaced mechanical speedometers driven by flexible shafts.

The stepper motor rotates a step angle every time it receives a driving pulse signal, thereby driving the micro gear to rotate. It’s for this reason that, stepper motors and micro gears should feature high accuracy, small size, high torque, stable output, and a wide range of transmission. The ZHAOWEI gear motor meet these requirements for different types of instrument panels or electric odometers.

The ZHAOWEI micro-drive system can be used with stepper motors for automobile instrument panels. By adjusting the structure and gear precision of the instrument panel gearbox, it can improve the jump of the stepper motor, the jitter of the pointer, and reduce the noise during use.

Instrument Panel GearBox

Instrument Panel GearBox

Instrument gearheads

Instrument gearheads

Miniature gearbox scheme

Miniature gearbox scheme

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