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The camera on kids' learning tablets is a common video input tool for video recording and online classes. While the existing camera can only shoot images that opposite to the tablet's display. Unless someone helps to record or uses the front camera of the mobile phone to record, kids can hardly record the camera-facing reading lip and finger reading by themselves. ZHAOWEI micro drive system can help the built-in camera of the kids' learning tablets achieve a wide angle flip.


The kids’ learning tablet consists of a main body and a flip bracket with a camera device.The flip bracket rotates with the main body, allowing the camera to shoot from various angles, thus expanding the shooting range. In order to improve the stability of the camera, ZHAOWEI flips the camera by a micro-flipping motor gearbox, solves the problems of manually-flipped angle shots and avoids shaking during the shooting process, which enables the clarity of photos and videos.

In order to improve the flipping stability of the camera in the constrained space of the kids’ learning tablet camera, ZHAOWEI applies 4mm planetary gearboxes, parallel shaft gears, stepper motors, metal insert injection and end bearings in conjunction with the use of the upper fixing bracket, connecting plate, and connecting flip shaft, which makes the drive structure of small size, good quality and high durability. This solution allows the tablet camera's flipping angle to be adjusted in accordance with the customer's actual application, resolving the issue of poor stability of the flipping bracket and extending the product's service life.

Market Trend

As a market segmentation of tablets with high demand and quick updates, kids’ learning tablets are gradually gaining attention from the education industry and parents. Though these electronics do not require a high level of technical sophistication, manufacturers still need to combine technological innovation with market demands to gain market share. ZHAOWEI can provide a variety of drive system solutions to design, develop, and produce corresponding products based on our customers’ market demands.


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