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Fitness Equipment Brushless Motor

Load Current
2.3A MAX
Load Speed
No-load Current
1.6A MAX
No-load Speed
Reduction Ratio
Max Rated Torque
Fitness Equipment Brushless Motor
Fitness Equipment Brushless Motor
Fitness Equipment Brushless Motor

A treadmill is available in the family and gym. It drives the running belt through the motor to make people run or move passively at different speeds. ZHAOWEI adopts brushless treadmill motor and precision gearbox to optimize the treadmill pedal by making it possible to adjust the angle of the treadmill pedal and realize the movement tracking according to the exercise intensity needed.


1. Enough Torque for Different Exercise Modes

What happens if the motor doesn’t produce enough torque? The important thing that should be noticed is very discomforting hesitation (“pulsing”) when the foot comes down on the belt. Here, exercise treadmills are built with motors designed for peak torque performance when running at much higher RPMs than users will see while walking, usually the top speed of the treadmill. At slow walking speeds, the motors also provide the necessary torque (the force to actually turn the belt rollers). The torque generated by ZHAOWEI brushless gear motor suits different exercise modes.

2. Comfortable & Safe

This micro brushless motor driveline is specially designed for treadmill fitness equipment. Wide range of gear ratio can be achieved, making it available for treadmill to adjust speed for ideal comfort. This helps to reduce users’ joint pressure during exercise and keep away from a knee injury. It also turns the exercise into a pleasant experience by virtue of the brushless DC motor with planetary gearbox designed to minimize noise. Besides, with up to 1280 gear ratio, the speed can be decreased to a relatively low level, which can better protect users from falling due to large inertia and make the treadmill safe to use.

3. Durable

It has experienced related tests and has been proven to have the characteristics of small vibration, strong impact & heat resistance and high bearing capacity. This provides users with a better exercise experience and more importantly, this contributes to longer service life without unnecessary maintenance.

* The specifications and performance of the brushless gear motor fitness equipment uses may be different. Customization is also available.

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