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Smart Toilet Micro Drive System Comparison

Drive System for Smart Toilet Lid  VS  Drive System for Smart Toilet Self-cleaning

The smart toilet, a differentiated product, has gained increased attention since its debut. It’s designed to change the usage and structure of the traditional toilet. More attention is typically given to hygiene and cleaning. However, with the increasing popularity of smart toilets, more consumers have started caring about the self-cleaning function and intelligence in smart toilet systems. The ZHAOWEI smart toilet drive system includes a drive system for smart toilet lid flipping, essentially, a toilet lid with a motor, and self-cleaner – a toilet pump motor. In this design, the smart toilet can verify whether the user is using the toilet based on the distance between the user and the toilet. The toilet lid will automatically open if the user is nearby, and if the user is no longer near the toilet, the toilet lid that was already open will automatically close. The self-cleaning drive system solves the efficiency problem of automatic flushing after use.

Drive System for Smart Toilet Lid Flipping

1. Manages dual flip panels, flipping time, torque and service life.

2. Develops an automatic damping reduction gearbox structure, which utilizes the dual structure of worm gear and planetary gearbox. It easily lifts the lid, and flipping time is short.

Smart Toilet Micro Drive System Comparison-1

Drive System for Smart Toilet Self-cleaning

Gear motorized-pump for self-cleaning using a miniature worm gear motor.

Project Description

Through analyzing functions of the traditional toilet, we’ve realized that cleaning toilets have become housework. We are exploring solutions for a self-cleaning toilet.


ZHAOWEI developed a detergent pump that can be mounted on the smart toilet. It can evenly spray detergent on the inner wall of the toilet within a set period, fulfilling the self-cleaning function of the toilet.

Drive System for Smart Toilet Lid Flipping

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