Robot Joint Brushless Servo Motor


1.22 A
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Project Background

Manufacturers always aim to adopt high-performance robot gears based on robot motor for greater advantages in terms of ease of use, high-precision positioning and low noise during operation. ZHAOWEI’s evolution of servomechanisms gives rise to new capabilities in robotics.

robotics brushless dc motors


1. Movement flexibility-6 DOFs

Each robot joint is a brushless servo motor providing displacement of the segments once it receives a pulse. The number of linkages in the mechanism structure defines how many degrees of freedom(DOF) it has. With the angle sensor encoder embedded into joints, the brushless servo motor enables precise angular displacement within the span of 360 degrees. Thus, robots can achieve six degrees of freedom (6 DOFs) control for actions. The minimal adjustable degree is even up to 0.17°. This can improve the robot joint control for flexible rotation and movement.

2. High torque density

In-built planetary gearheads make it possible to increase output torque of the brushless servo motor robotic joint adopts to a higher level without impacting the overall servo dimensions. Robot gears here provides a larger power-to-weight ratio, torque-to-inertia ratio, higher starting torque and low inertia.

3. High-precision movement control

A series of powerful manufacturing and assembly technology entails high precision for small-enough backlash, minimizing efficiency losses. Besides, the sensing devices watch out for the change of positions, transferring the collected data to a controller, also seated inside the servo housing. The controller module acts as an intellectual hub, processing the feedback to establish what needs to be adjusted to achieve the desired position.

4. Wider application

Commutation with electronics instead of brushes allows for greater responsibility and capabilities. Thus, in addition to robotic joint applications, this brushless servo motor can be also used in medical equipment, smart home solutions, lift drive systems, etc.

* Since the modular design is available to robot arm joint motor with robot gears, customers are welcome to customize the solutions to enhance flexibility properties.

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