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Sliding Soundbar Brushless Motor


Load Current
1.5A MAX
No-load Current
400mA MAX
No-load Speed
Operating Temperature
Operating Life
>300,000 times


ZHAOWEI gear motor can be applied to sliding soundbar. It is a high-precision linear positioning system combined with the lead screw on the stepper motor and the telescopic gearbox for sliding soundbar. The rated load of the module is 3kg when the product moving up and down, and the rated load of the module is 1kg when the product moving front and back. The system features open-loop control of stepper, durability, high torque density. Intelligently retractable audio components can be hidden behind the TV screen when the TV audio is not needed, which saves much space for greater visual space. When the TV audio is needed, it is easy to pop up the TV soundbar on demand, which won’t cause much noise during operation. Equipped with miniature gears, the drive system is more than convincing when it comes to performance.

sliding soundbar brushless gear motor

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