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Drive Systems for Rotating Smart Speaker

When it comes to voice-activated smart home systems, the interactive smart speaker definitely comes to mind. Smart speakers combine WiFi connection and traditional speakers, providing various audio content such as music, audiobooks, Internet services, and setting-based smart home control capabilities.

Companies who pay more attention to the quality and functions of smart speakers typically gain more popularity. As a manufacturer of smart home gearbox systems, ZHAOWEI designs and develops rotating-reduction solutions for smart speakers based on the requirements of speaker manufacturers.

Adjusting Position Automatically

The smart speaker rotating-reduction component from ZHAOWEI is installed onto an encoder, placed at the bottom of the speaker. The rotating base in the rotating-reduction component is connected to the control, both of which are set devices. The control is wired to the audio component. The rotating-reduction component is compact in size. The speaker cabinet achieves audio playback through its audio components. Volume adjustment is required when the speaker is being used, and the rotating section is controlled by the reduction component from ZHAOWEI, causing the rotating encoder to function. The rotating encoder transmits the movement signal to the control, which then controls the volume according to the signal received. It enables users to adjust the volume of audio playback, helps sense far-field sound sources, and improves the efficiency of voice recognition. The voice assistant speaker motor component makes it easy for speakers to automatically adjust their positions, form beams, suppress noise, reduce echo, etc.

rotating smart speaker

Rotating Smart Speaker

Empowering 360° Free Rotation

In addition, the smart speaker geared motor enables 360° rotation. The difference from the regular smart speakers is that the permanently magnetized DC motor is used as the control source. The gearbox structure composes of a worm gear and a helical gear, effectively solving problems caused in smart speakers, including jitter and noise that ordinary speakers fail to recognize. ZHAOWEI provides a solution to short service life, and poor backlash based on the analysis of fixed gear elements. It can achieve the separation and alternation of two-channel stereo and four-channel dual-stereo ranges. Thus, a wide stereo listening range can be available, and a wonderful background effect can be produced by the synchronous operation of sound and light, thanks to the geared motor for portable voice-activated speakers.

Drive systems for rotating smart speaker

Drive systems for rotating smart speaker

Voice interaction will be one of the directions for the development of smart home control systems in the future. Smart speakers are just one form of expression while manufacturers actively explore new systems. At present, smart speakers have the spotlight. Interactive smart speakers have more room for development in terms of technology optimization and background innovation. ZHAOWEI can provide customized solutions for micro drive systems and electronic gearbox components for the most speaker manufacturers in audio drive systems.

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