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Smart Range Hood Drive System Comparison

Flip Range Hood Drive System VS Lifting Range Hood Drive System

The smart range hood is a household appliance that integrates a microprocessor, sensor technology, and network communication technology. It uses modern industrial automatic control technology , Internet technology, and multimedia technology, which when combined, automatically identifies the state of the working environment, and of the product itself. It can also automatically control the range hood and receive the users’ control commands at home, or remotely. A smart range hood, a component of smart home appliances, can be interconnected with other home appliances, household appliances and facilities in the house to form a system to achieve smart home functions. ZHAOWEI’s smart range hood drive system mainly includes gear motors for smart flip range hood systems and gear motors for smart lifting range hood systems. The automatic flip range hood motor is mainly used to solve the automatic-flipping of the range hood panel from multiple angles, shorten the flip time, and improve torque and service life.

Smart Range Hood Drive System Comparison-1

The automatic flipping system for the range hood features:

* It utilizes the design and structure of the planetary gearbox, which has good noise reduction.

* It utilizes a combination of planetary gearbox and worm gear, which enables easy panel flipping.

The Lifting Drive System for Range Hood

Kitchen and bathroom appliances are becoming more intelligent in the smart home industry. Many home interior decoration styles tend to integrate kitchens into living rooms. The issue with open kitchens is that the fumes go everywhere. Consumers’ kitchen requirements are diversifying. ZHAOWEI uses a miniature lifting drive system to prevent fumes from escaping , avoid the pollution of the indoor and outdoor environments. Most range hoods on the market use large air volume technology, strong air pressure to achieve suction power from the range hood, and oil pollution purification. There are, however, some drawbacks; such as increased noise, which comes with the large air volume.

Smart Range Hood Drive System Comparison-2

Through analyzing the internal structure of the range hood, we realized that the side suction of the range hood typically causes troublesome cleaning and loud noise. To solve the problem of fumes escaping, ZHAOWEI has designed a smart lifting drive system for the range hood. The lifting drive system automatically senses the volume of fumes through the fumes sensor, and activates the smart upward and downward movements of the range hood through the forward and reverse rotation of the screw. The connecting component for the fume extraction is closer to the source of the fumes, which locks the fumes, and shortens its rising distance, making it possible for ideal smoke ventilation.

The intelligence of a single product is the initial stage of the smart home. The coordinated linkage between products can create a better user experience. In this regard, the ZHAOWEI R&D Center’s research and development of gear motors for smart kitchen and bathroom appliances expands the research field of kitchen and bathroom products. ZHAOWEI has developed and designed related products for cooking appliances, dishwashers, kitchen appliances, water purification systems, cabinets, water heaters, etc. The transmission gear drive system truly fulfills the broader layout of the smart kitchen and promotes smart kitchen strategy.

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