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Micro Gear Motor for Washing Machine

ZHAOWEI’s micro gear motor can be installed in washing machines. ZHAOWEI makes full use of brushless DC motor manufacturing technology, motion control, and gear drive technology to adjust the machine’s speed, according to the weight of clothes. This reduces noise and vibration, saves water and energy, and is durable.

Washing Machine

Product Description

The gear motor is a part of the washing machine. It drives to rotate the machine, and controls spinning and drying speeds. To respond to different needs, washing machines require intelligent frequency conversion control. The ZHAOWEI washing machine gear motor can fulfill frequency conversion and reduces the noise level of the motor. When in use, it reduces noise levels and gear damage through high speeds, achieving stability, durability, low-noise and energy efficiency. Different washing modes are used on different washing materials, and each washing setting is adjusted to improve the wash, including temperature setting, drying and rinsing times. All these factors affect user experience.

Micro Gear Motor for Washing Machine


Through our experience developing micro gearboxes, and in-depth research on washing machine structures, we developed coming-of-age technology that is wear-resistant, optimized, reliable, and durable, as well as the transmission mechanism. The material and gear specifications of the washing machine gear motor are optimized for high torque, low-noise, high efficiency, and long service life. Moreover, based on clothing conditions, the intelligence and feedback results in high precision and great adaptability.

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