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Air Purifier Gear Motor Solution

An air purifier is a common household item used to purify the air in a closed environment. While people pay more attention to air quality, an air purifier is on the rise as a reliable solution to get rid of indoor pollutants.The deive module for air purifier is consist of motor and gearbox. With the advantage of small-size, low-noise, and low-heating, the brushless DC gearbox is ideal for air purifier.

Brushless DC Gear Motor for Air Purifier

There are two choices of gear motors used in air purifiers: brushed DC gear motor, and brushless DC gear motor. Brushed motors use brushes to transmit electric current through the internal components. Although low in cost, the drawbacks include regular maintenance, potential overheating, and they can be quite noisy. A brushless DC gear motor replaces the brushes and commutator with a small circuit board that coordinates the energy delivery. The brushless DC motors continue to gain popularity in the smart home field because of their high efficiency, low maintenance, high reliability, low rotor inertia, and low noise.

More powerful, Smarter, More efficient

The gear motor for air purifiers requires low-noise, low-heat generation, and high-efficiency performance. In order to meet these requirements, the brushless DC gear motor is ideal for air purifiers. The brushless gear motor is designed with a small size and a compact structure, providing gear motors from 3.4mm to 38mm in diameter. Compared with the brushed DC gear motor, the brushless DC gear motor doesn’t have the friction and voltage drop that brushes create by dragging against the spinning commutator, which also avoids noise and overheating. ZHAOWEI’s brushless gear motor can achieve its noise lower than 45db (test within 10cm under stable working) as well as a long life span.

air purifier gear motor

ZHAOWEI provides a set of customized development services. The customized technical parameters provided by ZHAOWEI are shown below:

Diameter: 3.4mm-38 mm
Voltage: ﹤24V
Output power: ﹤50W
Output speed: 5-2000rpm
Gear ratio: 2-2000
Output torque:

The intelligence of a single product is the initial stage of the smart home. The coordinated linkage between products can create a better user experience. In this regard, ZHAOWEI R&D center of gear motor for the smart home. ZHAOWEI has developed and designed corresponding products to realize the broader layout of the smart home and promotes the smart home strategy.

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