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Electric Curtain Gear Motor

The ZHAOWEI Micro Drive System can be utilized on electric curtains. With an accelerated pace of life, most people are expected to wake up naturally. Yet, everyone still wakes up amidst harsh alarm sounds every day. Smart curtains can help provide a solution, allowing individuals to set timers for when the curtains open and/or close, or control all curtains remotely at home. This can become a life changer, especially during more “intimate” moments.

The motor installation can be built-in or external. The motor is not visible in built-in electric curtains, and only the track, where the motor runs from, can be seen from the surface. External motors, on the other hand, is visible on the outside. Depending on the type of curtains, the motors can either be tubular motors, opening and closing curtain motors, venetian blind motors, roman curtain motors, honeycomb curtain motors, ceiling curtain motors, etc. They generally consist of the following:

Motor Power

The electric curtain motor controls the entire curtain. If the power supplied by the curtain motor is too low, the motorized curtain fails to function properly to achieve the desired goal; If the power is too high, it will waste electricity.


No matter where the curtains are used, where it’s at home or in office buildings, they need to operate as quietly possible.


In order to meet the demands of the electric curtain market, ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd (SHENZHEN) manufactures micro gear motors for smart electric curtains with different specifications, varying from 16mm, 22mm, 25mm, 28mm, 32mm to 38mm. If none of these gear motor specifications meet your requirements for smart electric curtains, don’t hesitate to contact our online sales engineers or technicians.

* The electric curtain gearheads here have been specially-customized for a specific client’s requirements. This is only a display piece. Besides selling standard products, ZHAOWEI provides design, research and customization for clients based on their specific requirements.

Intelligent Electric Curtains Motor

Intelligent Electric Curtains Motor

Intelligent Electric Curtains Motor

Intelligent Electric Curtain

Low-noise Gear Motor

Low-noise Gear Motor

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