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Range Hood Gearbox

For nearly everyone, cooking oil fumes tend to be a kitchen nightmare. With a sought-after high-quality range hood, cooking oil fumes can be suctioned away while cooking, and cleaning will not be required. ZHAOWEI has developed a flip drive system, which can be installed to the range hood to automatically open the panel, resulting in shorter flipping time from multiple angles, increasing torque, and prolonging service life.

Gearheads for Range Hood

Gearheads for Range Hood

22mm Gearbox Motor

22mm Gearbox Motor

The automatic flipping system for the range hood features:

* It utilizes the planetary gearbox, which has great noise reduction.

* It utilizes a combination of planetary gearbox and worm gear, which enables easy panel flipping.

The development of IT technology and increased consumerism have resulted in more diverse kitchen requirements from consumers. The intelligence of a single product is only the initial stage of a smart home. A better user experience can be created only with the coordinated intelligent linkage between products. ZHAOWEI aims to continue promoting the intelligence of a series of appliances by offering micro drive systems, consisting of dishwashers, cookers, water purification systems, cabinets, water heaters, etc.

The specifications of gearbox motors that can be installed in smart kitchen and bathroom equipment include 22mm, 24mm, 28mm, 32mm, 38mm. The 22mm and 24mm gearbox motors are most suitable for the range hood. If these specifications don’t meet your requirements, don’t hesitate to contact our online sales engineers or technicians.

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